Thursday, January 10, 2008

1,000 Posts!

The Étudiant recently reached 1,000 total posts since its conception in April 2006. When the Étudiant first started, things were very, very slow, but with much more activity of late, we are very optimistic that the site will do well in the future.

A special thanks goes out to all the Étudiant writers and past administrators who have made the site what it is today.
Ben here, abusing my administrative powers to butt into this post...I'd like to thank Chris Morrill and all the writers and readers. Here's to another 1,000 posts!


  1. Considering that about 500 of them are mine, I don't really think you are having a lot of success. I had 1000 posts in a month on one of my past forums, and that was like...easy.

  2. That combined with your having no life. Plus, it is much easier to make posts on forums than on websites, dumbass.

  3. 1,000 is the amount of posts writers have made. Comments aren't counted in that number. Dumb ass.

  4. Knowing Chris's spamming style, he could achieve 1000 replies easily. (I build-up after a while, because most posts are meaningful.

    ANYWAY, congrats guys!


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