Thursday, January 10, 2008

Muder conviction - motivated by racism?

A member of a Cape Cod jury that convicted a black trash collector of murder in
2006 testified today in an unusual court hearing that her fellow jurors had made
racially insensitive remarks during the trial.
When one thinks of a racist area of the U.S., Cape Cod probably doesn't come to mind. But as incidents like the one down in Jena illustrate, racism is still around...
Barnstable Superior Court Judge Gary A. Nickerson has called jurors back into
court to probe whether the remarks allegedly made during more than a week of
deliberations tainted the verdict against Christopher M. McCowen, who was
convicted of murdering fashion writer Christa Worthington at her Truro home.
The question shouldn't be if racism played a part in his conviction. It should be if this man committed murder.
McCowen was convicted in November 2006 of raping and killing Worthington, who
was white.

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  1. Well if he killed and raped people, then I don't really think it matters if he is black or any other minority, it probably has to do with, oh I don't know, say that he actually killed and raped for fun. Pwned.


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