Saturday, January 5, 2008

CD Review: Revolver

1) Taxman
2) Eleanor Rigby
3) I'm Only Sleeping
4) Love You To
5) Here, There, and Everywhere
6) Yellow Submarine
7) She Said She Said
8) Good Day Sunshine
9) And Your Bird Can Sing
10) For No One
11) Doctor Robert
12) I Want to Tell You
13) Got to Get You into My Life
14) Tomorrow Never Knows
Don't ask me to pick my favorite Beatles' album. I wrote my college essay about John Lennon. If you think you're a bigger Beatles' fan than me, you're wrong. And they made so many great albums in a span of seven years, someone who's heard them all just can't pick one.
Revolver's definitely up there, though. It's the last Beatles' album of what I consider the early days, before they made a huge departure from what had come before with the next album they made. Still, the songs on Revolver are certainly more unique and complex than, say, "Love Me Do".
I can't pick a favorite album, but ask me my favorite song, and the one that comes to mind is "Tomorrow Never Knows". Witness the birth of techno. "Tomorrow Never Knows" is wildly different from anything the Beatles did before or since.
Don't get me wrong. All the other songs are classics, too! We get bouncy 60s rock with "Taxman", the Bernard Herrman-tinged "Eleanor Rigby", and an early foray into psychedelia with "I'm Only Sleeping". All in the first three tracks!
There will never be another band like the Beatles. They weren't just the biggest band in pop music history. They're also the best. Exhibit A: Revolver.
***** out of five


  1. Chris DeCarlo might be a bigger fan than you, Ben.

  2. Well, that's Chris, who, apparently, must be destroyed, we're talking about. I'm a much bigger Beatles fan than the average Joe.

  3. Yeah, I'm probably a bigger fan, but who cares. Revolver is indeed an amazing album. It definitely displays a shift in their music

  4. Oh yeah, it wasn't the huge departure that Sgt. Pepper was, but it showed just how far the Beatles had come from "Love Me Do".

  5. Decarlo delenda est. Veni, Vidi Magazini, Caedi. Ben sucks.

  6. Are you kidding Ben it was a huge departure, and it wasn't the first time they had transitioned from their "Love Me Do" period. Rubber Soul was the first album that displayed a huge change in their music. It had their first non-love song, "Nowhere Man." But, even before then they were slowly evolving. We could discuss this forever though. Revolver was the Beatles' first psychedelic record. It included more abstract songs with deeper meanings and less involving "relationship" themes. It was also the first (and some would say only album)of theirs to include songs about drugs. Either way, like you said before they're all incredible.

  7. Hey, "Tomorrow Never Knows" alone is a far cry from anything they'd done before. In the early years, the Beatles' albums just got better and better with each release, peaking with Sgt. Pepper. And as much as the Pepper era may seem to have come out of nowhere, you're right. Each album was a step towards it, Revolver being the last step they took before growing facial hair and writing songs about cellophane flowers of yellow and green.


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