Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Community Rallies Around Lost Dog

It is an age-old question.“Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?” And for 26 straight nights, starting early last month, Carolyn Lucci went to bed asking it.

Romeo is her dog, a pug, and her favorite. (Shhhh! Don’t tell the others.)

There’s Elvis and Priscilla and, of course, Juliet. But Romeo is her favorite. And he was gone.

It was Dec. 7 at about 7 p.m. and Carolyn and her daughter had stopped over at a friend’s house around the corner from their own on Roberts Road in Upper Providence. They were all going to drive around to have a gander at the recently put- up Christmas lights.

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  1. Really now, have we run out of news that a lost dog is special enough to discuss?

  2. Wow, you guys are gay. Your measures to keep me from spamming sux.

  3. Glen is amazing at posting pointless shit.


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