Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Cost of High School

Excerpted from Guaranteed A+ Plus Learning System:

"Let's about money once more. At first glance, high school seems to be "FREE" if you attend a public school. However, the old adage is true: "There is no such thing as free lunch." What you may perceive is a "free" education actually costs a big chunk of tax money from your parents. In fact, in most recent data available (year 2002-03), the United States spent $388 billion dollars on all students in public elementary, middle, and high schools. It may be hard to imagine such a big number as 388,000,000,000 dollars and see what it really means. There are 48.2 million students in the United States. So, if we do the math, the average cost of one year of your public education in high school is approximately $8049.79. In hourly terms, you end up paying $7-8 per hour of class...The average cost of one day of your high school experience is about $50.

The purpose of that passage is to convince students to get motivated and attend class or else they are throwing away money. Up until the ninth grade, I always thought that public school was truly free. In fact, a lot of high school age kids still probably think that school is free. If you are one of those kids and if you just read this post, you should now have a better understanding of how things work.

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  1. Wow Mr obvious, thanks for stating something that anyone with a frontal lobe could figure out. Moron.


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