Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Iosua Nets 33 Points As Boys B-Ball Team Wins

...[Jared] Iosua led the way for the Warriors as he scored a game high 33 points, including three treys. Hyppolite was next with eight points, while Serino scored seven points.
In addition, Serino had 12 assists and no turnovers, Brian Millea had eight defensive rebounds and four offensive rebounds. Also, forward Mike Reynolds scored five points and had a couple of steals while junior guard John Amentola chipped in with two rebounds and two steals.
“Iosua, Serino, DellaRocco, Hyppolite and Reynolds had to work hard (in the fourth quarter),” said Simpson. “Iosua did a nice job hitting a couple of threes early and get himself flowing. Millea did nice job for us with his defense and rebounding and Amentola and Reynolds gave us a nice lift on the bench.
“We had lost three in row and we needed a win,” added Simpson. “We had a home game against a good team and we got a win. The kids came to play tonight.” - Wakefield Item

The final score of the game was Wakefield 61 - Winchester 53


  1. I hate basketball. Also, I hate Winchester. And I hate the Wakefield Etudiant, and Ben + Chris Decarlo (delenda est).

  2. And exactly what has this website, or any of its writers, done to deserve your hatred?


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