Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fog/Smoke in Florida Lead To Massive Crash Crash

A deadly mix of fog and smoke from a brush fire has led to the deaths of at least three people in a series of crashes on Interstate 4 near Polk City.

At least 50 vehicles are involved, including about 20 tractor-trailers and tankers, authorities said. Tankers have overturned, and at least one burned.

Four people were trapped in the wreckage nearly four hours after the first crash in a series of wrecks.

The injured who could walk were being taken to a rest area about one-quarter mile west of the crash site.

Lakeland Regional Medical Center has received nine patients, said hospital spokeswoman Bobbi Zagrocki. Of those, seven appear to have "significant or serious" injuries, Zagrocki said. Two are being evaluated. - Tampa Bay Online

According to drivers, visibility is less than car length.

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