Saturday, January 12, 2008

NBA 2k8 Soundtrack Review

- This year's NBA 2k8 soundtrack isn't as memorable
as other years, but it does have a bunch of tracks
that are worth listening to. A lot of underground/
under appreciated artists are featured, but I
can't say that they are all good. Anyway, here
is a review of most of the songs.

Hurry To Go Easy by A Guy Called Gerald
- I would be lying if I said I am not a fan of underground hip-hop.
The beat goes perfect with Lady Kier's voice.
Grade: A

Turn Around by Baron Zen
- This song would be much better sans lyrics. This is
a song that makes electronica fans happy.
- Grade: B-

Chrome Dreams by Madlib the Beat Konducta
- "Chrome Dreams" is electronica but has
definitive hip-hop roots. It does a nice job
of mixing the genres.
- Grade: B

Breakestra by Getcho Soul Together
- A neo-funk hit that sounds just as good
as first wave funk/soul.
- Grade: B+

Mc^2 by Common
- Why mc^2? I don't know. The beat
is good -- not extra creative or "new".
- Grade: B+

Through Being Cool by Devo
- A hip-hop dominated soundtrack
contains...Devo? "Through Being
Cool" is an electronic/snyth
sounding anthem that makes you
feel nerdy...but in a good way.
- Grade: B+

Dap Walk by Ernie and the Top Notes
- I was only able to hear a sampling
of "Dap Walk," but it sounded
- Grade: A

Skankin' To The Beat by Fishbone
- High energy much? I have never
been much of a ska fan, but this
song highlights elements of funk
and punk more than anything
- Grade: B+

Shootin' Hoops by G. Love
- This blues song is supposedly
"all encompassing" as it mixes
psychedelia, folk, and funk all
into one song. The result?
Nothing impressive.
- Grade: C

The Official by Jaylib
- Classic underground hip-hop
with a hint of jazz. This kind of
music I can listen to all day.
- Grade: A-

Throwback Rap Attack by Percee P
- P has worked with artists like Aesop
Rock and Jedi Mind Tricks. He is a
decent rapper in this tune, but
the beat is lackluster.
- Grade: B-

Lightworking by Q-Tip and Talib Kweli
- Again, an underground hip hop
song that isn't totally flattering.
- Grade: B

Sucker MC's by Run DMC
- This is a classic. Compare
this to today's "sucker MCs"
I'm afraid this type of rap
will never become mainstream
- Grade: A-

All Day by Sonic Trip
- Another electronica/hip-hop
combo that falls more on
the hip-hop side of the spectrum.
There isn't too much variety other
than "uh uh yeah, ALL DAY"
- Grade: B

Fools Gold by Stone Roses
- This is one of the best tracks
available on the game. Foolds Gold
is a cross between synth and dance.
You want chill music...well "hear" you
- Grade: A

The Funky 16 Corners - The Highlighters Band
- "Yeah, baby, you heard me right." The
Highlighters Band plays from their heart.
Even if you don't like funk, you are sure
to like this.
- Grade: A-

Total Grade: 8.73

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