Saturday, January 12, 2008

What Is This World Turning Into?!??!

Welcome to a another episode of *Echo* "What is this World Turning Into!"
This event took place a few months ago. It was a normal day, living in a normal life. We took the same procedures to accomplish the mediocre day of the average human's life. The Suh family was sitting in the living room enjoying the company of the NBC Nightly News. Suddenly, there was a knock and the door, not excited nor distraught, my parents opened the door to see a familiar face. Our neighbor. He was holding an envelope and told us that the electricity bill was in his bill envelope.

Wait a second... they put someone else's bill in other person's envelope? W.T.F?

Come on Department of Light Services, Snap out of it!
WTH would of happened if our neighbor wasn't very friendly with us and decided not to give us the bill at all? What the hell would of happened if the Department sent us a late fee?
I mean if we didn't even receive the envelope how the hell should we know that the department sent us a letter? Could we deny that they sent it? Even if we did, they had proof of sending it out.

This is just outrageous in my opinion. Post a comment if there is any opposition to this message or just an occurance that happened to you by the government that is also outrageous.

P.S. If you were offended by my language, I apologize. I'm just P.O.'d

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  1. Hey, happy new year, Ryan! You're one crazy bastard...and that's EXACTLY the type of person we need here at the Étudiant!


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