Sunday, February 3, 2008

Band Spotlight: The Veils

Genre: Alternative Art Rock
History: Formed in 2002 by Finn Andrews, they were eventually signed to Rough Trade Records.
Musical Style: The Veils like many other bands have a wide range of musical style. Some songs are heavy and electronic sounding while others are considerably slower and folk/art influenced.
Top Songs:
"Nux Vomica"
"The Leavers Dance"
" Under the Folding Branches"
Best Album: "Nux Vomica" (2006)
Why You Should Listen To The Veils: You should listen to Nux Vomica for many reasons. However, one song that you must check out is "Nux Vomica." It is a ballad that is characterized by a musical buildup. The guitar rages on in intensity as the song progresses. The Veils are comparable to a number of other independent acts from the UK including Editors and the Libertines. The Veils can even sound Radiohead-esque as evidenced in one of their best songs "Under the Folding Branches."

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