Friday, February 8, 2008

CD Review: Three Sides Live

Disc one
1) Turn It on Again
2) Dodo
3) Abacab
4) Behind the Lines
5) Duchess
6) Me and Sarah Jane
7) Follow You, Follow Me
Disc two
1) Misunderstanding
2) In the Cage Medley: Cinema Show/Slipperman - part one, part two
3) Afterglow
4) One for the Vine
5) Fountain of Salmacis
6) It/Watcher of the Skies
Phil Collins. When you read that, what song of his popped into your head? "Against All Odds"?
He may be best known for cheese, but he co-wrote most of this album's tracks with the other members of Genesis, keyboardist Tony Banks and bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford. I think it's safe to conclude that these two kept Phil in check. The only track on this album Phil wrote by himself, "Misunderstanding", may be the closest thing we get to aforementioned cheesy solo work.
Phil's also a great singer. His high notes are sometimes shaky, but this is a live album, so that's understandable. He manages to nail "Behind the Lines", though.
Genesis was a trio in the studio that got a lot of help on stage. On Three Sides Live, they are joined by Daryl Stuermer on bass and guitar and Chester Thompson on drums. Drummer Bill Bruford and guitarist Steve Hackett help out on the last track.
What really makes this album is the skill of all the musicians involved. Genesis is a great live band that can near-perfectly perform its poppy and progressive songs. I recommend Three Sides might even turn you into...gasp...a Phil Collins fan!
****2/3 out of five

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