Monday, February 4, 2008

Iraq update

George Bush released his annual budget plan today, prompting disdain from congressional Democrats who chastised the president for again fudging the costs of the Iraq war and tax cuts in order to claim he could erase the US deficit.

Join the board. Oh, George. When he can't lie, he "fudges". Takes the truth and spins it.
The $3.1 trillion budget would increase US military spending for the 11th straight year while slicing about $200bn from the social security and Medicare programs that aid older Americans. The budget deficit under Bush's proposal would balloon to $410bn this year - more than twice as much as 2007 - before achieving balance in 2012.
That claim of a balanced budget hinges on only $70bn in spending on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, an estimate that even White House aides acknowledge they will exceed during the next fiscal year.

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