Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Romney Wins At Home; Democrat Race Close

BOSTON—Former Gov. Mitt Romney had enough goodwill left among fellow Massachusetts Republicans to carry him over rival John McCain, while the race between Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton was too close to call as polls closed Tuesday.


Romney, criticized for treating Massachusetts as a stepping stone while governor, won his home state by finding favor with voters who support him on immigration and the economy, according to preliminary exit poll results conducted for The Associated Press. - Boston Globe/AP

What a shock!


  1. He was the governor here. It only makes sense he wins.

  2. Ben, A LOT of people do not like Romney. I was surprised he won. I thought he would've came in a close second, but not won.

    Anyway, I think its stupid to project winners when its only at 13% reporting.

  3. I'm well aware that lots of people in this state don't like the guy, but like Mr. McKenna said, it only makes sense that he wins in Massachusetts. How many people in this state asked for the Republican ballot?


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