Monday, February 11, 2008

WGA Strike update

American film and television writers could be back writing scripts as early as
Wednesday morning, turning the lights back on in studios darkened for the past
three months and potentially saving at least some of this year's television
Looks like the writers got what they wanted...
For internet sales, writers will now get 0.36 per cent of the distributors'
gross receipts for the first 100,000 downloads of a TV show and the first 50,000
downloads of a feature. Once past those benchmarks, writers are entitled to 0.7
per cent of distributors' gross receipts for TV ; 0.65 per cent for feature
In the third year of the contract, writers will receive two per cent
of the distributors' gross on streamed content (which is slightly more than a
payment of about $1,200 writers will get in the first two years). Like the DGA,
the WGA has a 17-day window on all streamed content, meaning that studios can
stream for free during that period.

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