Friday, June 13, 2008

Band Spotlight: The Dandy Warhols

History: The Dandy Warhols formed in 1994. A year later they signed to Tim/Kerr, an independent label. Their first album Dandy Rule, OK? launched in April 1995.

Years Active: 1993-Present

Courtney Taylor Taylor - Vocals/Guitar
Peter Holmstrom - Guitar
Brent De Boer - Drums
Zia McCabe - Keyboard

Genre: Alt-Psychedelic Space Rock

Musical Style: For all intents and purposes, The Dandy Warhols is a garage rock band. If you examine them more closely you will see there is more to them than simply garage. They seem almost minimalist at times, but at other times they are "out there" .

Best Album: Welcome to the Monkey House (2003)

Top Songs:
"We Used To Be Friends"
"Get Off"

Influenced By: The Velvet Underground, Beach Boys, The Shadows, The Rolling Stones, The Brian Jamestown Massacre

Influenced: Bo Bim, Chomsky (Not Noam, Chris), Freedom People, Woodward

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  1. That would be "The Brian Jonestown Massacre"


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