Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Band Spotlight: Interpol

History: All the original members of Interpol met while studying at New York University in 1997. They went by a plethora of names (Las Armas and The French Letters, to name a couple) before finally agreeing upon Interpol. They made several self-labeled EPs until they signed to Matador Records (Pavement's label) in 2002.

Years Active: 1997-Present

Paul Banks - Vocals, Guitar
Daniel Kessler - Lead Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Carlos Dengler - Bass
Sam Fogarino - Drums

Genre: Post-Punk Revival

Musical Style/Moods: If there was such a genre as "dark rock" they might just be considered that. There is nothing happy or uplifting about Interpol's music...yet there is.


  1. WTF are you talking about? Joy Division is a happy band? Closer is one of the darkest albums of all time. Here's a description of the album:Many of its songs have a despairing, funeral feel, and its cover art appears to reflect this, although it was chosen by Peter Saville before he had heard any of the music; both the photo and the bleakness of the music and lyrics amplified the already strong mystique surrounding the album after Curtis's suicide. How is that uplifting? I recommend "isolation" and "Means to an End." The tell me they were a joyal bunch.

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  3. Someone take these dreams away,
    That point me to another day,
    A duel of personalities,
    That stretch all true realities.


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