Friday, June 13, 2008

Band Spotlight: mewithoutYou

History: In 2001, Aaron Weiss formed this bizarre band in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Initially, it was just a mere side project. Weiss was involved in The Operation (who released their first and last album, "There Is Hope for a Tree Cut Down" in 2001). Wanting to make more experimental music, Weiss began to put more focus on his side project. Of course, the side project became mewithoutYou. That same year, Weiss' then new band released the EP "I Never Said That I was Brave" on Tooth and Nail Records. From then on, the band has steadily gained more exposure and success. The band's most recent album, "Brother, Sister," peaked at 116 on the Billboard 200. The band is known for heavily incorporating Christian themes in their lyrics (Gmags take notice).

Years Active: 2001- Present

Aaron Weiss- Vocals
Michael Weiss- Guitar
Greg Jehanian- Bass
Richard Mazzotta - Drums

Genre: Experimental; I'll just leave it at that

Musical Style: Like I said, extremely bizarre and very experimental. Much of the vocals are spoken word. Weiss' voice is murky, neurotic, paranoid; perhaps irritating to some. Lol. In terms of volume, the earlier albums were hardcore, on more recent recordings the music varies from soft to loud, often in a matter of seconds; definitely exploring new, innovative sounds.

Best Album: Brother, Sister (2006)

Top Songs:
"Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt"
"Orange Spider"
"Messes of Men"
"The Dryness and the Rain"
"In a Sweater Poorly Knit"
"A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains"
"Yellow Spider"

Influences: The Smiths, Christianity (lol), Interpol, The Cure, Joy Division, Mars Volta, and others

Influenced: Norma Jean, The Early November (it's hilarious how different those last two bands are! Goes to show you how diverse MWOY is), James DiNano, and I'm sure others in years to come.

Why You Should Listen to MWOY?: I'll quote an online reviewer, Katharine Donelson, on the band's breakthrough release, Brother, Sister, she said, "the lyrics are delivered with such earnestness that they preclude one from singing in a conventional sense. Their full force is felt in the delivery, which makes them powerful. Given the amount of overproduced pop on the airwaves, this in itself is a reason to sit up and take notice." If your still not convinced, then check out these amazing and strangely humorous lyrics from the tune "Orange Spider":

a note we wrote the other day
to any mice who pass this way
on crumbed and sugared counter top:

"we must insist
your traffic STOP."

in their defense, they don't refuse
but nonetheless we've come to use
snapping traps and poison beans
(far less diplomatic means)
orange spider,
orange leaf
confirms my deepest held belief

Note: Sorry, my computer is fucked and for some reason bold and italics does not work.

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