Monday, June 16, 2008

CD Review: Very Prehistoric

1) Zilla Man
2) Island
3) Brushes
4) The Other Song
5) Gear Box
I can't find the actual quote, but Rob O'Connor, author of the blog List of the Day, once said something along the lines of "Many people don't like music without vocals because it forces them to think." Mr. Bankert, conductor of the Wakefield High School Jazz Ensemble, once told us something like, "Play it well enough, and it'll force 'em to like it." Thus is the appeal of ITtheverb.
Theirs is a unique blend of jazz, punk, and psychedelic elements. No vocals here, just a drum kit, an electric guitar, and enough pedals to do Jimi Hendrix proud. Guitarist Nolan and drummer Mark have the progressive spirit, taking modern music to new heights on this E.P. and on stage.
"Zilla Man" kicks things off with a punk feel, setting the tone for the rest of the disc. Nolan uses both bass and treble to tell a story, backed by the manic yet precise drumming that echoes Keith Moon. Things get a bit mellow with "Island" and its catchy riff, and we hear the classic rock influence.
Then comes the bouncy percussion and twisted chords of "Brushes". "The Other Song" is another track in the classic rock vein, with Nolan making waves with both hands on the neck and Mark banging his drums in perfect synchronization. "Gear Box" seems to be a tribute to Nolan's secret weapon - the big box of effects pedals at his foot.
Very Prehistoric is much more than another E.P. by another local band. It's a showcase of two talented gents who aren't afraid to experiment. This may be the future of music...and I like what I hear.
***** out of five

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