Sunday, June 8, 2008

Counterfactual History: What if....

What if there was no such thing as the Wakefield Étudiant?
A piece by Glen, with red additions by Ben
If Chris Morrill and Ben Tan had not decided on a rainy April 2006 morning Actually, an create this blog, where would we be right now? Myself, I would probably have concentrated more on my failing website, The Étudiant Alt+0201, Glen is where I spend about 30% of my time on the Internet.
That may not seem gargantuan, but it really is. You sound a lot like Holden Caulfield. You really do. I would also be less political if the Étudiant was never created. I do about 50-60% of my posts on politics, so it is not surprising that I am sort of knowledgeable in that subject area.
If there was no Étudiant there would be no gay marriage article. Teek and Glen wouldn't be so hated. That, of course, caused quite a bit of negative controversy. If there was no Wakefield Étudiant, Ben Tan would be bored out of his mind. Before, I sat in front of the computer in my underwear. Now, I blog in front of the computer in my underwear.
The kid was a multiple post a day administrator from April 2006 to September 2007. Senior year kind of kicked in from there I got a little lazy, but Ben still found the time to post fairly regularly. I had a few 20-post days. If there was no Étudiant, what would Ben have done? What I'm doing right now, but without the blogging part.
Would he have found any journalistic inspiration at all? Sure, he did Spin movie reviews, but was that even enough for the kid? I'm still in therapy from Failure to Launch. Would he have turned his eclectic Animatron blog into a news website sooner or later?
I doubt it. So do I. Ben Tan would not be where he is now without the Étudiant. Yeah I would, just without the blogging. What about Chris DeCarlo?
He has done a few band spotlights, he has helped out with concert reviews, and he basically owns "Songs of the Week". He did a few journalistic endeavors (literally journals) in the early fall of 2007 and actually found inspiration to post a few of his writings on this website. Controversy of course was created again. I still say Nirvana is overrated.
He almost found an online girlfriend through one of his infamous entries, but that never came to be. His life probably wouldn't be any different if there was no Étudiant, but I'm sure he has found a little inspiration, at the least. What about all the other writers?
Well, they just haven't posted enough. If there was not an Étudiant, there wouldn't be Ryan Suh's WTF! articles that have been a hit among our readers.
To you, the readers, you wouldn't have any place to read random articles that have no relevance to your life. You wouldn't get to read Ben's CD reviews or his "Picking the President." Sorry for the rambling, I should be doing what I am supposed to be doing: a real "What if"... Now that it knows how important it is to people's lives, the Étudiant won't jump off a bridge.

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