Sunday, June 8, 2008

Donating Bodies Et Al

South Los Angeles resident Erlyne Toney-Alvarez, 67, had always planned to be cremated when she died. Simple. Inexpensive. Graves, she said, are a waste of land occupied by the dead.

Then she saw the intricately plastinated bodies at a California Science Center exhibit -- bodies that had been stripped of their fat, filled with plastics and shown off in all their muscular, organic and anatomical glory for the world to see in traveling shows.

Now that, she thought, is the way she wants to go.

"I was so excited," she said of seeing the exhibit with her twin sister, Ernestine Toney-Dixon. "We went to the exhibition hall and we just got so overwhelmed with all this new stuff, and we said, 'We're going to donate our bodies!' " - Los Angeles Times
This makes me throw up a little in my mouth. I hate science even more so now.

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful post, Wakefield Etudiant. Nothing in Von Hagen's background will quell your discomfort. His narcisstic ego shines through all the thin veils of 'education' and 'art'. I wonder if the folks who have donated have really considered what kind of a creative imagination they are fueling. Do they expect that they would ALL end up on center stage in one of his exhibits? No, sorry. He has stated that he prefers the freshly dead bodies of the young. For the battered old bodies that are like most donated cadavers, he's going to have to think up new ways of entertainment and education for the surplus. Oh, and look, he's already gotten started on some new ideas...

    I wonder if being a crash dummy for reality TV is as appealing as being a traveling circus mannequin. Or, what might be next? Rent-a-corpse? The only limit is Herr Doktor's imagination.


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