Friday, June 20, 2008

Entwistle Tape

WOBURN, Mass. -- Jurors in the trial of a British man accused of killing his wife and baby daughter have listened to a tape recording of him saying he had "not done the right thing" by flying home to England without calling police.

Neil Entwistle is accused of fatally shooting his wife, Rachel, and their 9-month-old daughter, Lillian Rose, in their Hopkinton home in January 2006.

On Friday, prosecutors played a 2-hour recording of a telephone interview Entwistle had with a state trooper from England. Entwistle cried as he told the trooper that he discovered the bodies of his wife and daughter, fatally shot in bed together, after returning home from doing errands. He said he should have called police, but "just couldn't get it clear" in his head. - WHDH

Neil, stop teasing yourself. Admit your guilt; why the cobblestones didn't you call the cops right away? Anyway, does anyone see a little Mr. Rozzi in Entwistle? Don't confuse the two's personalities: one is the man and the other is a cold blooded killer.


  1. Well, to be completely fair, I'd have to say going home to find my wife and child dead, the child with a giant hole in her chest from a point blank shot, would seriously fuck me up. He's still a moron whether he's innocent or not, though, if he's going to go to a different country before calling the cops.


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