Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Examining The Libertarian Party Candidates

I won't be voting in the 2008 election...period. If I was (and love to pretend that I am) then I'd probably vote along Libertarian Party lines. I would be included, alongside Brian Hickey, in the 3% of Wakefield who votes Libertarian. The Libertarian National Convention was held just a couple of weeks ago. Bob Barr was chosen as the nominee and Wayne Allyn Root was selected as his running mate.

Bob Barr (Official Nominee): He supports medical marijuana. He initially opposed gay marriage, but now seems to be support it. He wants troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. He is in favor of the Fair Tax. He is fully against abortion. For what it is worth, Barr isn't that bad of choice.

Wayne Allyn Root (Barr's Running Mate): States' rights this, states' rights that. Root is in favor of a smaller government that lets the states decide on everything. Root is the typical libertarian, however: socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

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