Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Hot Hot To End End End

The current reading of my trusty thermometer is 88 degrees. That might seem a little bit cool compared to the scorching hot mid 90s of just a few days back.

Here is what Channel 7 is saying:

Boy, it's not even Summer yet and we're already in the 4th day of a heat wave. It always comes on so suddenly, doesn't it?

Don't roll your eyes as I sound like my mother (hi mom!) for a sec. With highs in the mid 90s today and a heat index well above 100 degrees, drink lots of water, use plenty of sunscreen, take it easy outside, and cool off in the AC (or even better...the big natural AC...the ocean) or under a hose. If you're stuck in the city, a good ice cream binge at the Scooper Bowl in City Hall Plaza might do the trick too.

The record to beat in Boston today is 96 and we should at least tie it. After all, we hit 95 yesterday. Worcester's record is 91 and we should have no problem beating that one today.

Okay, enough with the heat. Some of you want relief! We'll get it tomorrow. A cold front slides through this evening and overnight, which will give us a chance of thunderstorms later today and will cut the humidity for tomorrow. We'll still be in the mid 80s Wednesday, but I think you'll notice it'll be more comfortable. Thursday looks fantastic...sunny, mid to upper 70s.

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