Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Middlesex League To Add Two Towns

The Middlesex League may have just gotten bigger.

Principals of the 10 schools in the league voted unanimously Wednesday to look into the possibility of adding two towns.

Still on the table is whether to divide the league into two conferences, or “tier” it by school strength or enrollment, to create more matched competition.

If the new 12-team league is formed, schools would then look into the possibility of “tiering,” School Committee Chairman Tony Paolillo said.

Paolillo said Wednesday’s vote puts Watertown and all other Middlesex schools in a good position.

“To have this type of movement and type of vote is a positive move and step forward,” he said.

Paolillo said the hunt for two more communities to join the league shouldn’t be hard, and said he has already heard of interested schools.

When it comes to tiering, Watertown athletic director Michael Lahiff has said he supports the proposed league re-alignment since it would give Watertown — the league’s smallest school — a better chance to remain in contention through tournament season.

Under one tiering proposal, each conference team would play against each other twice, and once against the upper-conference teams.

Who’s in the Middlesex League?

Belmont, Burlington, Lexington, Melrose, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, Watertown, Winchester, Woburn. Plus two towns to be named later. - Winchester Star

This could work out great for not only WHS Tennis but also all WHS sports teams. If you've been following the Boys Tennis team, you will quickly realize that the only teams we can beat are Woburn, Watertown, and Stoneham. That is six possible wins right there. If we beat the two towns that'll join the league, we could have up to ten possible wins. We would then only need two more wins to advance to the state tournament.


  1. Who do you think the teams are? Waltham? Saugus? North Reading? Billerica?

  2. Well...check out the modification I made to this map: I think that Lynn, Saugus, and Waltham have the greatest chance of joining. I can't quite eliminate Concord or Bedford, though. Concord used to be in the M.L, so they might come back.

  3. I'd say that Lynn won't be it. There are a couple high schools there, so I don't think they'd put one in the ML and not the others. Concord-Carlisle is a possibility, and Waltham sounds good to me.


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