Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh, shi- CUT THE MIKE!!!

A student intending to make a speech criticizing school administrators at her
high school graduation was cut off in mid-sentence and told to leave the
Jennifer Chau, the salutatorian at Mainland Regional High School,
started to criticize school administration Thursday night for allegedly playing
favorites among students. She scrapped a text that was approved in advance by
the school.
"I know this is a community that values education," she said.
"That is why you need to know what is really going on behind the walls of
Mainland's administrat-"
At that point, Chau's microphone was cut off and
school principal Robert Blake told her she would have to leave.
Chau left to
chants of "Let her speak!" and "Finish!"
The Georgetown University-bound
senior had a dispute with the school over not receiving credit for an honors
class she took in her freshman year. She claims that was one reason she finished
second in her graduating class, behind a student whose mother is a member of the
board of education.
Blake defended his decision to end Chau's speech.
student was regressing beyond what we worked with her on, and that's the end of
it," he said. "I've met with her on a number of occasions, and I'd be glad to
talk with her about her (complaints). This is certainly not the place. In this
venue, we are responsible for what is said out here. This is not somebody's
front yard."-Boston Herald

The most hilarious part about this story is that my mom thought I should care.


  1. Since you are asking for should do the same thing she did.

  2. That's assuming I don't get credit for a class for some reason.

  3. Between this and Jason Parad's speech at graduation, I think it's safe to conclude that the salutatorian speech will always be the ceremony's high point.

  4. Next year's salutatorian (me) has big shoes to fill.


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