Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hamlet Ranting

If you're dad was poisoned, by your uncle, then he scores nightly with your mom and tells you to stop being a bitch about his death, and now you're tripping see ghost of your dad and on top of all that you can't get w/ this smoking chick you've tried to wooo for so long, she thinks you're crazy, the whole country thinks your crazy, now the king, you're backstabbing uncle is hiring pirates to kill you and deport you, also he coerced your buddies into assisting him in this scheme. Now, you mean to tell me you wouldn't be just a little pissed. He's a frustrated fella that wants to start some shit, not crazy. But, who among us wouldn't stab a fat fuck, behind a curtain spying on you and your mom? I rest my case.

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