Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Saw God

I Saw God

I saw God
Or someone that looked a lot like him
He was no bigger than a mouse
I could fit him in my pocket, if I wanted to
I grabbed him by his tiny toes and demanded that he reveals his plans
He just slid out of my slimy mitts and scurried off into the night
“Come back here!” I hollered. “I have questions!”
But, God didn’t respond, he never does
He just bails on you, especially when you need him the most
So, I grinded my teeth and started to scour the earth for that worthless punk
As the hours passed, I remained alone
No one
No god
Suddenly, I heard screaming from afar
As I came closer, I discovered she was trapped in a burning building
The shrieks grew louder and louder, so I raced inside
Then everything became obscure
I awoke outside and to my left was the girl laying beside me
I bent my head to the right and there was the tiny creature from before!
God’s love was only present when my love was present

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