Thursday, May 28, 2009

Radiohead Part I Poem

Paranoid Android (Radiohead Part I)

It was all Smooth Sailing until 7 O’clock reared its ugly head
We ran into massive traffic.
I'm not Talking about any old back-up
I'm talking about
For more than an Hour
The traffic was longer than any soul would expect
Glen suggested we do something I never envisioned myself doing
And I made the Mistake of agreeing with him
We hopped out of the car and ran in the Breakdown Lane
Under Glen’s rationale that the Comcast Center was right around the corner
A Minute Away
The venue was a good 2 to 3 MILES Away
As we Ran as Fast as we could
Patrons screamed out their car windows,
“You guys are Fucking crazy!”
While Dodging cars was Fun and all
I ran out of breathe and couldn’t run anymore
We decided to hitch a ride with a couple of hip college kids
Finally, we arrived at our destination

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