Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Short Story

Two Wild and Crazy Guys

At 4:32 A.M. Village Street, Fife Alabama our tale begins. Village Street contained various, heart warming, sweet inhabitants, but this story isn’t about those people. Rather, it revolves around two country bumpkin hicks named Harley and Davidson. Village Street was a quiet, tranquil neighborhood until this dynamic duo arrived.
Harley and Davidson do not live in a house. Ohh no, they share a nice, cozy, trailer park home. And of course they are always accompanied by their fiery wolverine, Wolvy. All cuked up together in this small space, they have loads of fun!
“Hey Harley, where’s my pants, I have a hot date tonight and I want teh look good?” hollered the belligerent Davidson.
“How the hell should I know?” his Neanderthal counterpart fired back at him. The trailer constantly rocked back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, creating a creaking noise that creped up on your ears. There were no bathrooms, the pair simply did their filthy business outdoors (sometimes in front of neighbors), like most animals do.
Their pad was basically empty. No real possessions. They hunted for food and cooked their prey with a grill they stole from a naïve neighbor. They slept in Ghost Busters sleeping bags, and in fact there is a wicked story behind these bags. Our heroes had purchased these sleeping bags from some junior high boy scouts in exchange for beer. Unfortunately, it was unbeknownst to the boys that O’Dools was non-alcoholic beer. Of course, not the kind they knock back daily. Which brings us to their next item, the fridge, their most prized possession for it stores all of their beer, whiskey, and just some food.
“So, what ugly, misshapen toad you dating tonight Davey?” inquired Harley
“Err, that chick Agnes, with the gold teeth and that long beautiful beard,” Davidson replied. “But, she’s not as hideous as you think. In fact, she’s far prettier than any other lady I’ve had the pleasure to date”
“I can believe that.”

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