Friday, May 15, 2009

My Favorite Concerts Updated

Note: no local shows

1)Black Lips, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, and Mean Creek- Middle East,March 2009. Grade:10

2)King Khan & The Shrines, Mark Sultan, and the Homosexuals- Paradise Rock Club, May 2009. Grade 10

3)No Age, The Beets, and Lemonade- Wellsley College, April 2009. Grade:10

4)Animal Collective, some lady lol- House of Blues, May 2009 Grade: 9.5

5)Built To Spill, Dinosaur Jr, and the Meat Puppets- Orpheum Theater, September 2008. Grade:9.5

6)Radiohead and Grizzly Bear(missed them though)- Comcast Center, August 2008. Grade:9.5

7)No Age, Silk Flowers, and Sound Circles- Middle East, November 2008. Grade:9.5

8)Editors, Hot Hot Heat, and Louis XIV- Orpheum Theater, January 2008. Grade:9

9)Morrissey and I never caught the opening act's name, but they were a decent all female band - Orpheum Theater, October 2007. Grade:9

10)Taste of Chaos: Deftones, Drum Corpse,Thrice, Atreyu, Story of the Year, Funeral For A Friend, and others- Tsongas Arena, March 2006. Grade:8

11)The Used, Fall Out Boy(they weren't as bad then, but I still didn't like them, The Bronx, and possibly others)- Can't remember!, November 2004. Grade:8

12)Mission of Burma, The Neighborhoods, and Faces On Film- Summerville Theater, January 2009. Grade:8

13)No Age, High Places, Abe Vigoda, and Palms- Middle East, July 2008. Grade:8

14)Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, and I never caught the opening band's name, but they were ok- University of Rhode Island, September 2007. Grade:7.5/8

15)The Psychedelic Furs (great), The Fixx (didn't like), The Alarm (ok)- Avalon, July 2007. Grade:7.5

14)Paul Weller and the Rifles- Berkley College, September 2008. Grade:7.5

16)The War on Drugs, The Drones, and Tsui- TT Bears, March 2009. Grade:7

17)Daphne Loves Derby, two terrible opening acts- some church in Boston, I forget where, February 2007. Grade:7

All great shows!

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  1. That Radiohead concert was unreal. You should definitely try to catch Grizzly Bear at some point. They are my fave, and they put on an amazing live show too! If you have the time and money, go see them at the Berkely Performance Center on June 3rd.


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