Thursday, May 28, 2009

Radiohead Part II Poem

(Nice Dream) (Radiohead Part II)

When the quintet appeared on stage
They immediately burst into their hit song “Reckoner”
Sending an Arena full of die hard fans into a Surge of Joy
I was completely Mesmerized by the Light Show
The Best I’ve Ever Seen
The Lights changed Perfectly with Respect to the Mood of every song
At one point, I saw Little Fishes
In the shapes of Golden Spots
Projected on the Big High Definition Screen
Then the Lights Shifted into the Lyrics
“Everything in its Right Place”
From the Song of the Same Name
The Greatest Performance was of their classic, “The Bends”
The Fans were more Enthusiastic and Energetic thane Ever.
Some people think Radiohead is just another mopey, downer band
They Have it All Wrong
I felt like everyone was united during "The Bends"
When everyone sang together, "Where do we go from here?"
The song might be pessimistic, but if Everyone is Together
Then they Realize that they're
Not Alone

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