Saturday, May 17, 2008

Archbishop Makes Plea To Kidnappers

"May I appeal to you as honorable people [Iraqi kidnappers] to release these men who have been away from their families for over one year," said Archbishop George Carey, in a video statement released through The Times of London newspaper.

"I appeal to you as good people to release these men who long to be back home once more."

The five Britons were kidnapped last May along with two Iraqis from an Iraqi Finance Ministry building in Baghdad.

The only identified captive is Peter Moore, who said his name in a video released in February and pleaded with the British government to negotiate for the hostages' release.

At the time of his capture, Moore was working as a computer consultant for Virginia-based BearingPoint. The company said the other four Britons were contractors working for the firm; The Times identified them further as security guards.

"I greet you as men of faith," said Carey, who was archbishop from 1991 to 2002. said. "You believe, as I do, that faith is important in this broken world." - CNN

This is a rather strange appeal, but it just might be enough.

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