Monday, May 19, 2008

Election update

So, a little while ago, Mr. Bankert told some members of the Jazz Ensemble, myself included, about a gig he'd gotten us. A brunch at the West Side Social Club. So, yesterday morning, we arrived at this brunch and played.
What we didn't know - seriously, even Mr. Bankert had no idea - was that this was much more than a brunch. It was also a gathering of just about every Democrat in town, and some from surrounding towns. In between our two sets, the band listened to speeches.
Lots and lots of speeches, all about how the Democrats will clean up the Republicans' mess. And then, the guest of honor walks in: Congressman John F. Tierney, who happens to be running for reelection. This brunch was a rally!
The craziest thing about it all was that nobody specifically endorsed either Clinton or Obama. Easy to see why - would have divided the room. As if this election couldn't get any stranger...

MAYSVILLE, Ky., May 19 (Reuters) - Hillary Clinton had a warning on Monday for rival Barack Obama, who is on the verge of claiming the U.S. Democratic presidential nomination: Not so fast.
"This is nowhere near over," Clinton said at a rally in Maysville, Kentucky, pressing ahead with her long shot bid for the White House even as Obama focuses on November's general election match-up with Republican John McCain.

Did you see that, Hillary? "Long shot". Time to quit. Not doing so can only hurt the party's shot at winning the White House. Is that what you want? Because it sometimes seems so.


  1. Huh. Bunch of Democrats in one room... bummer. But I do agree with you that the Republican beast needs to be destroyed.

  2. Republicans win the slight edge over the Democrats, but they both suck.

  3. "But I do agree with you that the Republican beast needs to be destroyed."
    Especially since they follow our "incompetent" - thanks, Congressman Tierney - president like he's the Pied Piper. McCain, Obama, Clinton...I'll take anyone over this clown.
    "Republicans win the slight edge over the Democrats, but they both suck."
    True that!


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