Monday, May 19, 2008

Picking the President: Afghanistan

Sen. Clinton argues that we are “losing the fight” to al Qaeda in Afghanistan as a result of a thinly stretched military. She would focus further military efforts in the Middle East away from Iraq and towards Afghanistan.

Sen. McCain has called the progress in Afghanistan “encouraging” and believes that it is an important battle in the greater war on terror. He also sees the conflict’s outcome as a determinant of the future and security of the NATO alliance.

Sen. Obama claims that the War in Iraq has distracted from the more important conflict in Afghanistan, where he believes the U.S. should re-focus its efforts and concentrate on garnering additional international support.
Points to the Democrats. Jon Pebley contrasted Iraq and Afghanistan thusly:
"I've been to Iraq twice, there's not much action. They try to make Iraq look so bad, but Afghanistan is as bad as Iraq was two years ago."
Too bad we don't have enough troops to adequately deal with these conflicts.

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