Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Walkmen Daytrotter Session Covers Review

"The Old Revolution" - Originally by Leonard Cohen - The Walkmen ventured into unfamiliar territory with four Leonard Cohen covers. "The Old Revolution" is a folk anthem with very meaningful lyrics. The song is immaculate sounding; I do not see any strains of "not good" in this song.

"Lady Midnight" - Originally by Leonard Cohen - It is hard to review each song individually, so here is what I will say. The Walkmen could produce five folk albums and reach more success than they currently have. "Lady Minute" was released forty years ago, but The Walkmen make it sound like it is brand new indie-folk hit.

"Tonight Will Be Fine" - Originally by Leonard Cohen - Screw tonight; right now this song is fine. "Tonight Will Be Fine" could very well be a slower "What's in it for me"

"Passin' Through" - Originally by Leonard Cohen - The best of the four songs is "Passin' Through" . It tells of four historical figures (Jesus, Adam, George Washington, and FDR) just "Passin' Through". What exactly is "Passin' Through" you may ask. For Jesus Christ, "Passing Through" is spreading His good message of love before His death. Adam tells of his journey out of the Garden of Eden. George Washington tells of soldiers passing through war -- in this case at the extremely cold Battle of Valley Forge. FDR gives a picture of equal following World War 1. He says that a man is still a man and that we all are passing through the journey of life. In conclusion (and in colloquial terms) this song is epic.

You can listen (and download!!!) all of these songs HERE

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