Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Election update

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: Sen. Barack Obama brushed off Sen. John McCain’s recent criticisms of him as more of the same "diversions" that are "standard fare" for the Republicans, but his campaign spokeswoman said he is considering a trip abroad.

McCain has been criticizing Obama for not having been to Iraq since 2006, his only trip to the war zone. The Arizona Republican says Obama can't really know the situation in Iraq if he has not seen it first-hand.

On the plane ride from Colorado to Chicago, Obama told reporters that McCain and the Republicans don’t have much ground to stand as they try to make an issue out of the frequency of his visits to Iraq.

"The Republicans don’t have a strong position to argue when it comes to substance," he said. "Their foreign policy has been a failure over the last eight years. The war in Iraq was a huge strategic blunder, our standing in the world is diminished, we’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars and lost thousands of lives, Afghanistan is in worse shape than anytime since 2001 and we have [al Qaeda leader Osama] bin Laden sending out audio tapes, so not surprisingly they’re not going to want to argue the substance of what’s happened in their foreign policy, they’re going to come up with diversions."

McCain extended Obama an invitation to go to Iraq with him. According to Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki a trip to Iraq is not out of the question, but a trip with McCain is.

"A trip abroad is under consideration but there are no plans at this point," Psaki said.

I've always wanted to visit Denmark.

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