Thursday, May 22, 2008

Band Spotlight: Les Trois Accords

*This is the second of multiple band spotlights that feature French-Canadian bands.

History: We don't know a lot about the early beginnings of Les Trois Accords, but we do know that they started recording collectively in 1997.

Years Active: 1997-Present

Olivier Benoit - Singer
Pierre-Luc Boisvert - Bass
Charles Dubreuil - Drums
Alexandre Parr - Guitar
Simon Proulx - Guitar

Genre: Yé-yé Punk Revival

Musical Style: If Les Trois Accords hailed from America, they would probably be considered a pop bunch. By all Quebecois accounts, they are considered "punk" and this is definitely noticeable -- but not in all of their songs. Many of them are piano-y and slow, but not like those stupid Delilah songs.

Best Album: Gros Mammouth Album (2003)

Top Songs:

Influenced By: Bérurier Noir, Parabellum, and Ludwig von 88

Sample Song: "Lucille"

Lucille quand tu t'approche de moi
la chaleur de ton coeur me fait secher les dents
et je me met du
lipsyl quand tu regarde vers léclat de ta beauté me donne de l'exzema
et je m'étens tout
plein d'huile quand tu t'approche de moi
que se passe-t-il Lucille
que se passe-t-il

1 comment:

  1. My favorite 3 Accords "toune" is "Saskatchewan."

    Depuis qu'a est partie
    moi ch't'un gars fini

    Since she's been gone
    My life is all finished


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