Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hillary really, really, really, really, really, really wants to be president

The drumbeat grows louder for Hillary Clinton to gracefully exit the stage and
cede the spotlight to Barack Obama.
That's the key word there, "gracefully". Make a respectable decision, Hillary.
If he gets the expected win in today's primary in Oregon, Obama will declare
loudly that he has the majority of all delegates to be chosen by voters in
primaries and caucuses. He is 17 shy of that milestone on the path to the
Democratic nomination.
For his speech tonight in Iowa, he will have a new
high-profile ally -- Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Scott Brennan will endorse
Obama today, the Associated Press is reporting. And a growing number of leading
Democrats say it's time to let Obama focus on Republican John McCain.
Clinton and her loyalists are having none of that. She is expected to win in
Kentucky, meaning she would have won four of the last six primaries.
A group
of supporters, gathered as WomenCount PAC, placed a full-page ad in today's New
York Times.
"Not so fast....Hillary's voice is OUR voice, and she's speaking
for all of us," the headline says.

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