Thursday, May 15, 2008

Picking the President: China

Sen. Clinton has been a critic of China’s human rights abuses since her stint as First Lady, but still voted to grant “Most Favored Nation” trade status. She calls China a “competitor” rather than ally or enemy. When pressed, she did not favor using a potential boycott of the 2008 Olympic Games as a diplomatic tool with China.

Sen. McCain has said that while China’s economic progress has been astonishing, it continues to restrict domestic human rights and impede world order on issues like Darfur. He argues that the U.S. must “insist that China use its power responsibly at home and abroad.”

Sen. Obama sees the essential challenge of “build[ing] relationship that broadens cooperation while strengthening our ability to compete” with respect to China. He authored letter to U.S. Ambassador to China asking for answers regarding contaminated Chinese imports. He sees China as a competitor rather than ally or enemy.
Points to McCain and Obama. We may not be boycotting the Olympics, but it would have been a nice embarrassment for China. Make them regret the whole human rights thing, right?

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