Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keep It Up, Readers

Page loads (in bold) don't really matter. For all we know, Ben might be responsible for 1/3 of those. You can probably count me for another 1/3 and Chris for 1/5. The real category we care about is returning visitors. That is the category that is bold and italicized below. 21 people on Tuesday decided that they would check back in for the second time, the third time, or, if you are Ben, the nine hundredth time. A note to all readers: come back. We try to cover what is important but with so much stuff happening in the world, it is incredibly hard to do so. If you have any article ideas or even submissions, don't be afraid to e-mail Ben or myself. I don't think we've ever received an e-mail regarding the WÉ you can be the first! Check out the stats below if you are curious.

Thursday 15th May 2008 344 203 190 13
Wednesday 14th May 2008 391 258 248 10
Tuesday 13th May 2008 294 179 158 21
Monday 12th May 2008 379 241 225 16
Sunday 11th May 2008 267 178 169 9

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