Friday, May 30, 2008

Concert Review: TV BBQ

And now, an epic three-man review of yesterday's TV BBQ!

Venue: Wakefield High School Courtyard, Wakefield, MA

Ben: Alright...let's start with my band. Be honest, I can handle it.
Glen: What is the name of it?
Ben: We don't have a name at the moment. Brian, Liz, and Ben? Let's go with that. Ha, "Swimmer" went well, so did the funk jam up until the very end, we ended abruptly because we were losing the crowd
Chris: It happens.
Ben: "What'd I Say" went pretty well I'd say.. Got the crowd singing along, that's a good thing.
Chris: Yeah.
Glen: Ben's band offered a fantastic blend of piano rock. Tan was the energy and rhythm of the band, but let us not forget Liz and Brian. They excelled in their individual instruments.
Ben: Bass and drums, respectively.
Glen: "Swimmer" was the best song of their set.
Chris: Call the band the Faux Pas.
Ben: I'll run it by the others.
Glen: The crowd was kind of into it, and paid special attention when Tan shouted (something, what was it) at the end.
Ben: Ha ha, my own version of Ludacris's rap in "Yeah" by Usher.

Ben: Let's talk about the Elephant Man & da White Boyz rap. Funny, not as good as the filmed version, because it kinda fell apart live, but the crowd seemed to like it.
Chris: Yeah that was hilarious.
Glen: John Holmgren, Sean Nadeau, and Tom Calvert did a rather solid job with their rap. The rap, which has gained a considerable amount of fame on YouTube, is creative; something you wouldn't exactly expect from three white boys. It started off great, but then there were some problems at the end. Agreed, the filmed version was better -- but it was incredible hearing it live.

Ben: I've heard Zephyr many times, and this wasn't their tightest performance, but they still did an excellent job.
Chris: Indeed.
Ben: Blame it on the crappy microphone and lack of planning for this gig. "Celtic Song" was great, and I liked the other two songs, which I heard for the first time.
Glen: Zephyr did well. They had some early technical difficulties, but I think they sounded just as good live as they do recorded. It didn't seem like that many people were into them though. I think the fact that people were playing the foot game was a sign of that.
Ben: I've found that with outdoor gigs, it's much harder to tell if you have the crowd's into you. They're always going to be playing Hacky Sack or running around or something, where in a church basement, there's nothing to do but listen.
Chris: True. Each band sounded different; so that is always a plus. Typically, you will get two or three bands that sound the same or at least similar. Zephyr's "Mr. Jones" was catchy.
Glen: Ha, yeah, I enjoyed that one. Reminded me of "Crackity Jones".
Chris: Sounds like that dude spikes his lemonade with acid, but I highly doubt this.

Ben: I thought Jeff was fantastic. Nice guitar work and he's a great singer.
Glen: He did a nice job, acoustic love songs aren't my favorite though.
Chris: Yeah none of the bands played any of my "favorites" so to speak, but clearly there was [is] talent amongst these buzz cocks. When I say favorites I don't mean songs. I mean styles - i.e. low-fi.

Ben: And finally, Billford channeled Tupac. Sort of.
Chris: Oh right, forgot about that.
Ben: Oh, come on, how could you forget? That was great.
Glen: Exquisite memory on Billford's part.
Chris: Indeed.
Ben: Yeah, I think he knew Tupac's song better than I knew my own. It's just too bad he couldn't sing the hook and finish the verse at the same time.


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