Saturday, May 31, 2008

CD Review: Piano Solos

1) The End Of Summer
2) Fall
3) Adventures Of The Heart
4) Whenever I See Her
5) Danielle
6) Racing With The Tide
7) East Hampton Suite
8) Montauk Moon
Want to set a mood? Just play this fine disc recorded by Vince DiCola way back in 1986. The virtuoso pianist and composer will blow you away with the eight emotional tracks.
Like all great instrumental pieces, these tell stories without words. You just have to use your imagination. "East Hampton Suite" sounds like something from an anime soundtrack - the music of a tender moment.
DiCola clearly has a classical background, but his compositions have a modern sound, and even approach jazz territory at times, with some complex chords. However, you won't find any crazy John Coltrane-style solos, just clear melodies backed by sweeping rhythms. This is pop music in a very different form.
Just give "Fall" a listen. Put vocals on top of this track, and it's a soft rock ballad. But instead of cheesy singing, we get some powerful, not to mention technically advanced, piano work.
On the chart of genres, Piano Solos falls in the pop quadrant, but gets close to jazz and classical. Piano players like me will appreciate this disc for totally different reasons than the casual listener. As for the rest of you...just put this thing on when you need to settle down.
***** out of five

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