Saturday, May 31, 2008

Band Spotlight: Tokyo Police Club

History: The four members started playing in a basement in Ontario in 2005 -- for fun. Shortly thereafter, they started playing together at festivals and larger gigs. They signed to Canadian indie label Paper Bag Records later in 2005.

Years Active: 2005-Present

Dave Monks (Vocals/Bass)
Josh Hook (Guitar)
Graham Wright (Keyboard)
Greg Alsop (Drums)

Genre: Post-Punk Revival

Musical Style: Nerds playing good rock music. Art and electronics are clear influences in TPC's music. None of TPC's songs are established in the sense that they have an unfinished "indie" sound.

Best Album: "A Lesson in Crime" (2006)

Top Songs:
"Nature of the Experiment"
"Cheer It On"
"Be Good"
"Citizens of Tomorrows"

Influenced By: Modest Mouse, Pixies, The Postal Service

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