Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Looks Like Kevorkian Has Some Buddies

OLYMPIA, Wash. — There isn't much John Peyton can do on his own except speak,
and soon he'll lose even that.
The former Boeing computer programmer has Lou
Gehrig's disease, which progressively paralyzes its victims. His doctor gives
him three to six months to live.
He is using his last months to oppose a
ballot initiative that would allow physicians in Washington state to help
terminally ill patients end their lives. Only Oregon has such a law.
we're really doing I believe, is attempting to eliminate the sufferer so we
don't have to deal with them," Peyton said.
Supporters need to collect about
225,000 valid voter signatures by July 3 to get the "Washington Death with
Dignity Initiative" on the November ballot. The campaign has raised more than $1
million, more than enough for a successful signature drive, setting up a
fiercely fought and emotional campaign.


Wait, if the patients support it, and they're terminally ill, then what's the problem?

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