Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Writer Spotlight: Matt Hurton

Name: Matt Hurton
Grade: Senior (Class of 2009)
Age: 17
Writing Style: Depends on which of my multiple personalities is posting.
Writing Topics: Anything that catches my eye/is interesting in the news; possibly ranting.
Political Leanings: Moderate
Fun Fact #1: Joined wtf.com after Glen and I looked it up as a joke in business class sophomore year and has been a member now for over a year.
Fun Fact #2: Is starting to get seriously irritated by people calling him valedictorian a year + before graduation.
Fun Fact #3: Resident Internet meme-ologist.
Fun Fact #4: Has begun wearing "nice" clothes to school occasionally, though mostly because he has no other clothes. Maybe Glen is rubbing off on him.
Fun Fact #5: Is a member of the PVnRTs.
Fun Fact #6: No, you don't know about the PVnRts.
Fun Fact #7: Has actually contributed to the site before this, though mostly through a certain someone using stories he heard from Matt. Though he won't name any names, Glen.

See Matt's posts!

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