Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Call of Duty 4

As you might or might not have known, Activision and Infinity Ward's newest masterpiece Call of Duty 4 has been released for the PC, PS3, XBOX360, and the Nintendo DS. I decided to go pick up a copy of this game last weekend for my PS3, and all I can say is get it!!! The graphics are awesome (actually more than awesome) and the story of the game really grabs onto your attention. Even though the single player campaign mode only gives 5-6 hours of gameplay, the online multiplayer is where this game really excels. This game is really a must-have if you're a fan of first-person shooters, and if you have a PS3.


  1. Nice, Brian! I was thinking about picking it up very soon. Do you know if headsets are enabled in multi-player?

  2. I do believe the headsets are enabled in multiplayer. I haven't had time to try my headset yet. I've seen a lot of forum talk about headsets working so yeah, I think they should work. Anyways, you should definitely get this game. There's a few moments in the game that actually look EXACTLY like real life. (not the pre-rendered movies, I mean actual gameplay.)

  3. Alright sounds good. I'll probably pick it up this weekend and then after that we will have to play online and own some n00bs.

  4. Yes. We'll kill all the n00bs. I really want to get like a Wakefield High SChool Clan together, but it's so sad so many people went to the XBOX 360 side.


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