Friday, November 9, 2007

Romney Shaky on Abortion/Gay Rights

There are really two components that have caused controversy in Mitt Romney's campaign for the White House. The first has been gay marriage and abortion. During Romney's Senate run in 1994, he ran on a platform that advocated both gay marriage and abortion rights. Since that time Romney has shifted to being an opponent of both. A lot of conservatives aren't truly sure if Romney is really that adamant on both of the issues. One key conservative stated recently that he is going to support Romney:

Paul Weyrich, a founder of The Heritage Foundation and the Moral Majority, on Monday became the latest in a string of conservative activists to endorse Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, in the Republican presidential primary. Yesterday, Weyrich said he had also considered endorsing Mike Huckabee or Fred Thompson but wanted, above all, to stop Rudy Giuliani, a supporter of abortion rights who is leading in several national polls. - Boston Globe
The second cause of controversy has been the fact that Romney is a Mormon. Evangelical Christians and Baptists are panicking because they believe that Mormonism isn't even a sect in Christianity. Weyrich said that people need to realize that his religion doesn't particularly matter:

"I've been pointing out to people we're not electing him to be head of the theology department of a Baptist university; we're electing him in a secular context," Weyrich said. "Were it in a religious context, I would be very much opposed to him, because I don't agree with his religion, but it's not relevant in my opinion. He has a church that very much believes in family values and I think will be helpful to him in getting his thinking straight." - Boston Globe

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