Friday, November 9, 2007

WHS Spin's Very Weak November Issue

Hi and welcome to the Wakefield Étudiant! Chances are you came to this site because of Ben Tan's promo in the WHS Spin. This post is just another criticism of the WHS Spin. I say that the Spin's November 2007 issue was incredibly weak not because of the quality of articles, but because of the layout.

Now, I don't want to personally offend the layout advisor, but the layout was not very good at all! For instance, just look at the November 2006 issue of the Spin and compare it to the November 2007 issue. Just on the front cover, there are two noticeable differences. For starters, there is only one article! And you know what, that one article starts and ends on the first page! "So what?" Well, we all know that the generally accepted style of the front cover should have the article(s) overlap onto another page. Also, I don't agree with only having one article on the front page. Not everyone is interested in reading about the Drama Club so perhaps there another, more relevant NEWS story should be featured. Another difference is in the size of the font. Now of course I am being picky, but small text can be tough on the eyes at times.

Moving on the second page, we notice that there are no longer categories atop the page. In the November 2006 issue, there was a nice "School News" label to let everyone know that articles of that type were going to be on that page. Second, there are huge lines within each article that divide the print. This makes the article more cluttered and makes it look shorter. In place of the categories are corny titles and random borders. Just look at the word art on pages 4 and 5.

In terms of the articles, I am not going to criticize anyone, but as an avid reader of the newspaper since 2005, I have found that some of the articles are strikingly similar to ones previously published. Again, I don't want to get into the specifics, but have you not seen an article about Swiss Kids, transitioning from 8th to 9th grade, and a super fan in the Spin before? I have.

I am happy that we have a school newspaper, but I am taken back by some of the aesthetic aspects of it. Methinks that the Spin needs an art student or teacher to totally revamp the design.
Edit: Ben Tan here, abusing my powers as administrator to say that as of 11/10/07, the day after the latest issue of Spin, which included this article, was distributed, it has yet to bring higher numbers to this site. People, give us a break and do what an article tells you to do.


  1. "super fan in the Spin before?"




    that dude's the man

  2. I think I am going to clean this article up and send it in as an editorial.

  3. say gl3n i hurr ur l00k1n 4 a wom4n w3ll im 768 lbs of w0m4n 5o l3t5 g3t 2gethav sumtime chyeah

  4. about my previous...
    OHHHHHHHH THAT SUPERFAN! i thought you ment the 40something year old dude who comes to our football games and give us gatorade!


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