Friday, November 16, 2007

Étudiant Éxclusive Senior Show Scoop!

There has been much speculation about this year's upcoming senior show, so much so, the class advisors and officers decided to hold a meeting Wednesday afternoon to clear things up. The administration decided not to hold a meeting of the entire senior class, since there would be so many complaints. Instead, seniors were invited to come down to Mr. Cresta's room and hear the scoop.
Here's what I learned at the meeting...Ms. Acevedo met with Ms. Freedman and learned that the administration has decided to put only the skit portion of the senior show. The play portion has been cut to cut the cost and length. The seniors may write their own skits, but not a full-length play. Some suggested combining the Mr. W.H.S. competition with the senior show, but that idea was thrown out. The administration does not want any kind of competition in the show, or any mocking/mimicking of faculty or students.
Formal signups and auditions will take place in January. All skits must be submitted for administrator approval. The dress rehearsal and first show will be on March 14, my birthday. The second show will be on March 15.
In addition to all this info, Mr. Cresta revealed at the meeting that the senior WILL have a Class Night just like the one the class of '07 had, i.e. no overnight. He also said that the cuts from the senior show are among hundreds of thousands of dollars cut from the budget this week. The school needs to make these cuts because they are spending $2 million making the school more handicap-accessible.


  1. Fuck the handicapped, we should get our senior show!

  2. lol, anonymous

    Actually that was my first reaction. Then I was like "oh um never mind"


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