Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Friendly Reminder from the Administrator of the Wakefield Étudiant

Lemme tell you a story. So, last night, I see that Glen's made a post. And I said to myself, "Wow, he's just ASKING for another flame war!"
Listen, I love intelligent debate as much as anyone. To Glen and all the visitors, feel free to talk about abortion! But please, please, keep it civilized. No name-calling, or, as Chris Morrill calls it, "feces-throwing."
Want some examples? Sure. I don't want to see any of this:

Glen makes Hitler look like a Panzy

Hey, I think some of Glen's views are crazy, too, but I don't go around comparing him to a guy who killed six million people just because they were Jewish. If you're going to compare somebody to Hitler, pick someone who's really, really evil. Someone who eats babies. Glen doesn't do that. He wants the babies to live.
"Any past events, such as a rape, will have to forgiven and forgotten."

Try telling that to any rape victim, asshole.
Yeah, see? This is what I mean. Watch your language.
There's no such thing as a safe stance on abortion. If one expresses his/her pro-life/pro-choice (in Glen's language, "pro-death") views, he/she's gonna get attacked by those who believe differently! But remember, there's a difference between intelligent debate and...feces-throwing.


  1. It's okay to single me out. Pardon my French, but my view is that anyone who says something so heartless about a rape victim should be called as many names as possible. I would imagine that it's pretty hard to "forgive and forget" someone who has caused such a traumatic and life-changing experience for someone else. I just think Glen should rethink what he's saying sometimes and try to be a little more sympathetic to other people in general.

  2. I don't mind if you call me names, but asshole is completely irrelevant.

  3. Glen, I very rarely swear, but I felt that it was appropriate because of the "whatever" attitude you seem to have about rape. I could've said "jerk," but I thought you deserved a stronger noun for your comment, that's all. So, it's not irrelevant.

  4. Maybe, but saying "jerk" wouldn't have prompted Ben to quote me, now would it?

    But let's keep the debating in the other thread, okay?

  5. Ben, the Hitler reference was meant to be related to a certain bodily process Chris DeCarlo mentioned, I wasn't comparing him to Hitler as a person.

  6. hey Ben, how about instead of solely defending Glen against questionable comments made against him; you show a little unbias and quote some of the insane and offensive things that Glen has said. If you ask me, Glen was more than aware of what the reaction to what he was saying would be. If he doesn't want people saying those kinds of things to him, he should stop feuling the fire.

  7. also Ben, I have to tell you how extremely disappointed i am in you for even thinking about disabling comments. how can you call the etudiant "a voice for everyone" when you only allow it to be one-sided propoganda? disabling the comments truly destroys the validity of the blog.

  8. Hey anonymous, what about blogs that don't allow comments at all?

  9. i have no respect for those blogs either.


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